2022 2nd International Conference on Computer Technology and GIS (CTGIS 2022)
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Computer Technology

High-level language programming

Image processing and computer vision

Computer modeling

Computer software and application

Information and signal processing

Machine translation and pattern recognition

Communication Engineering

Artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction

Computer Aided Design

Machine learning

Visualization technology

Network topology

Neural Networks

Theoretical basis and principle of GIS

Geology and geomorphology

Physical geography

Economic Geography

Human geography

Remote sensing technology and application

gis development and application


Quantitative Geography

Resources and Environmental Science

Surveying and Mapping

GPS theory and application

Principles of Urban and Rural Planning


Data Processing

Intelligent data analysis

Data mining

Algorithm and data structure

Database management system

Storage and Digital Technology

Feature extraction

High performance computing

Cloud computing technology

mathematical model

electronic calculator

Application Technology

Internet of Things Technology

Real estate development

Transportation and logistics

Dynamic monitoring and environmental protection

3S technology

Landscape architecture design


Environmental prediction and simulation technology

Disaster prevention and early warning

national defense

Agricultural Technology

 Other related topics